Hey! Just letting everyone know that http://endcomic.com/ is going to be down for a bit this afternoon! I spent a good portion of last week building a new theme for it, and I also want to import all the comments over to Discus and then switch over to that—Akismet just isn’t cutting it and keeps tossing legit comments in my spam bin, and when you’re getting 200+ spam messages on a regular day, and twice as many on update days, sorting through them is an exercise in frustration. 

To tide you over, here’s a preview of Friday’s page, which I am currently inking! Also, here, have a nicer, final colours version of that tiny piece of tomorrow’s page!

Fingers crossed that this goes smoothly and quickly—kiddo caught a really bad cold from boliloquy (fist shaaaake!) and I’m watching her while upgrading. She’s in a good mood now, but that could change at the drop of a hat. 

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